Health and Safety Attributes

Your employees are the most important asset you have.  They are the ambassadors of your organization and without them, you have nothing.  Liquid Hammer is the only effective product on the market that is safe for your employees.  With US HMIS ratings of 0-0-0 and EU ratings as a mild irritant, Liquid Hammer is the only tool you need to safely maintain your equipment while protecting your employees.

Marketed since 1999, Liquid Hammer has built an impressive reputation in markets all over the world for its unheralded safety in the workplace.  In all the years and in all the countries and continents of the world where Liquid Hammer has been sold, we take pride in an impecible safety record in which we have no claims recorded.  Not a single customer or a single customer employee that has used Liquid Hammer has ever had cause to file healthcare claims due to injury when using Liquid Hammer.

As a matter of fact, we have customers that have actually commented in writing that Liquid Hammer has contributed significantly to a reduction in workplace incidents.

Make the workplace injuries and lost time that result from chemical exposure a thing of the past.  Make Liquid Hammer your new tool to improve safety in your organization.