About Liquid Hammer

The Best Way to Remove Concrete Buildup.


Liquid Hammer is designed to safely remove hardened concrete from construction equipment and does not contain Muriatic, Phosphoric or Citric acids. Our engineers have utilized the latest chemical technologies to create a cleaner that was safe for the user, the equipment, and the environment. Originally designed for concrete and cement removal, Liquid Hammer is now used all over the world in hundreds of applications.  The reasons why Liquid Hammer is used by so many organizations and for so many different applications:

It’s Effective – Liquid Hammer effectively dissolves hardened cement, concrete, stucco, mortar, grout, mineral deposits, and more. This is the first product that has been specifically designed to remove build-up from all types of industrial equipment used for mining, manufacturing, hauling, placing, and finishing.

It’s Safe – Liquid Hammer is safe on virtually every surface including aluminum, chrome, glass, and all plastics. It removes build-up without damaging the equipment, and keeps vehicles and equipment looking new. Its non-corrosive formula means that even sensitive engine and electronic components can be cleaned without causing damage.

It’s Biodegradable – Liquid Hammer can safely be used anywhere in the world without danger of environmental hazard. The product is 100% biodegradable and will not affect any stormwater runoff streams.

It’s Versatile – Liquid Hammer can be used on all types of vehicles including ready mix trucks, pump trucks, water tankers, spreaders, job-site equipment, and quarry equipment. It can also be used on man lifts, truss screeds, laser screeds, mixing equipment, pumping equipment, trowels, concrete buggies, concrete cutting, sawing and boring equipment, all types of forms, form hardware, and much more. Check out the Applications Page for the 1,000 uses for Liquid Hammer.

It’s Simple – Liquid Hammer is very easy to use and handle. Just one application of Liquid Hammer will remove light industrial build-up. Moderate to severe build-up may require regular applications over a period of days or weeks.

It’s Cost-Effective – Liquid Hammer keeps parts and equipment clean within budget, and can spare you the costs of repainting equipment, replacing parts damaged by acid, related on-the-job injuries, and environmental oversight.