Equipment Safety

Your equipment is your life-blood.  Without it, you cannot deliver, form, place, finish, or do whatever it is you do.  Equipment is an asset to your company with financial value and it is purchased because it is critical to the efficient operation of your organization. Liquid Hammer is the only product in the market that can offer you a high level of efficiency in your cleaning processes and preserve your equipment so that it is maintained in good working order for the full life expectancy and beyond.

Harsh and corrosive chemicals create many issues within the workplace. While safety and environmental issues take center stage, the preservation of assets is often sacrificed in search of the least cost product. We have years of data that shows the neglect cost of using corrosive chemicals costs companies millions of dollars over the shortened life-span of their fleets.

Liquid Hammer is the answer.  Non-corrosive to steel, aluminum, metal alloys, chrome, paint, glass, plastics, rubber, wires, and virtually every material of construction that can be used, Liquid Hammer preserves assets.  Liquid Hammer not only reduces the total cost of ownership of a chemical product, but also reduces the total cost of ownership of your fleet of equipment.

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