History of Liquid Hammer

In the  beginning...

Liquid Hammer was created.

The first generation of the product was named Eliminator.  Developed by Florida Chemical in 1997 in the United States, the first release drew immediate attention, but little success. Eliminator did a great job in dissolving concrete, but had some other performance issues that prevented wide success. The product was briefly pulled from the market for formula adjustment and relaunched in the fall of 1998.

The new and improved Eliminator product was received with great success. The product had overcome all previous end user objections and outperformed every product on the market. At this time, there was no product that combined the safety and performance of Eliminator. The only issue was finding enough time and manpower to get in front of prospective clients product demonstration. We had a 98% success rate from demo to sale.  This success allowed growth of the product in a very quick fashion.

In the first designed logo of the logo for the product, we added the tag line Liquid Hammer.  By the end of 1999, customers began calling in to order "the Hammer". It was clear that the future of this product would be as Liquid Hammer, so the Eliminator name was officially dropped.  During 1999, Liquid Hammer received great reviews at its premier at World of Concrete and spurred the first international sales with Holcim's Dufferin Concrete in Toronto, Canada and distribution in Australia via Actech International. Coincidentally, both of them are still our customers, a testament to the effectiveness and value of Liquid Hammer.

As the new millennium dawned, Liquid Hammer was in full swing with sales growing rapidly month over month, year over year. Liquid Hammer fit the definition of a true niche product and spurred the growth of national and international distribution partners. Liquid Hammer was used in some form or fashion by every major concrete brand in the western world.

By 2005, Liquid Hammer was a widely known product throughout the US and Europe was the next horizon for the Liquid Hammer success story. In 2007, a distribution agent was contracted to develop the Liquid Hammer brand in Europe and by 2009, as a result of overwhelming opportunity in Europe, Florida Chemical Europa was established in Denmark to allow for the full capitalization of opportunities. As markets contracted and construction volumes slowed in many world economies, Liquid Hammer has continued to grow in the European market including sales in to the Middle East in 2011.

2012 and the future is very bright for Liquid Hammer and Florida Chemical. With eyes toward emerging markets, Liquid Hammer will continue to fuel the growth of Florida Chemical.

Join the Liquid Hammer family today and experience a bit of our success!