Value Proposition

Why is Liquid Hammer right for your organization?

Quite simply, Liquid Hammer presents a unique opportunity for your organization or small business to extend the life of your equipment and facilities. This asset life extension can be accomplished by two factors:

  • Well maintained equipment operates more efficiently and lasts longer.

  • Use of a safe and compatible product will prevent premature damage, thereby extending life.

From a purchase aspect, Liquid Hammer is typically a little more expensive than other options on the market. In some situations, Liquid Hammer is considerably more expensive than cheap acid products. But, before going further, it is important to clarify that Liquid Hammer is very affordable. Even though Liquid Hammer may be worth its weight in gold, we attempt to keep the product affordable for every potential user.

Given that Liquid Hammer may be a bit more expensive to purchase, there has to be a value proposition so that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) results in a net savings to your organization. This value and TCO reduction is provided via the inherent efficiency of Liquid Hammer and though smart management of the use of the product.

  • When Liquid Hammer is sold, it is sold in a concentrate that can be diluted up to 7:1 depending on your application. Typical concrete removal will be a 1:1 dilution. See Product Applications
  • Application equipment is selected and recommended that will control and reduce the amount of Liquid Hammer used in each application of the product. See Application Equipment
  • The reduction and prevention of damage to your equipment through the use of a safe and efficient product reduces the long term cost of ownership of that asset through reducing costly maintenance repairs as a result of corrosion and other related chemical damage. See Equipment Safety
  • The improvement of your Environmental Health & Safety profile as a result of using Liquid Hammer in place of a harsh and dangerous acid will reduce the overall costs in your organization.  This is accomplished by reduction of regulatory scrutiny, reduction of On-the-Job-Injuries (OJI's), reduction of waste stream issues, and an overall improvement in safety in your facility. See Environmental Health & Safety

Every company has to evaluate budgets and how Liquid Hammer can best benefit their company. In large organizations, the realization of the TCO reduction requires "buy-in" from managers in many departments so that budgetary increases in the responsible procurement department will be shared across all departments that will benefit from Liquid Hammer. Beyond the multi-departmental cooperation, it also takes dedication to the product in order to realize the long term savings potential of the product.

For customer references that can substantiate the Value Proposition of Liquid Hammer, please Contact Us.